Take the hotel
experience home

FAHABOSO showcases carefully selected, beautifully crafted and appealing products that customers can bring home.


About Us

FAHABOSO is a hand-picked, hands-on, curated, luxury mass market sales platform. By marrying excellence with common sense, we bring bottom-line financial strategy to the luxury marketplace.

Our team was founded by marketing and strategy specialists from multiple industries, who have collaborated to form FAHABOSO.

Using our unique distribution model, we can offer exclusive products in multiple international markets, to large numbers of consumers across the globe.


Our Products

Luxury and boutique hotels are home to exclusive products and toiletries that we’d all love to take home. For example, everyone knows that luxury hotel towels offer unparalleled levels of softness.

But it doesn’t stop there. Hotels exhibit a variety of unique luxury items; from the shampoo and conditioner, to cushions, bathrobes, even books, record players and artworks.

Now, you can bring these items home. FAHABOSO enables hotels to sell their in-room products directly to the customer. Items are placed exactly where customers need them, when they need them, and can be purchased from the hotel or from our online marketplace.


To put it simply, FAHABOSO is the minibar of luxury items.


FAHABOSO has developed a groundbreaking all-natural ‘spa in your shower’ experience, so good and fresh that you’ll want to bring it home.

With one major hotel chain already on board, FAHABOSO will be in front of tens of thousands of customers in exactly the place where they want them, in the shower.

This is an experience like no other, that truly embodies the FAHABOSO philosophy.


Why an ILO?

Raising capital is important, but so is building awareness. An Initial License Offering (ILO) builds a team of fully-fledged marketers to sell products en masse, on commission.

This attracted FAHABOSO to ILOCX. We’re raising money to help you take the hotel experience home.